10 Days Kayak-Course

Lets improve your kayak skills in the Kayak-Paradise of Pucon - here we find everything we need to work on your skills

LocationPucón and surroundings

Difficulty – WW II-III or III-IV

Age – 18+ oder 14-17 years accompained with one of the parents

Fitness – good

ExperienceWW II

Maximum Guide to Customer Ratio – 1:3

Minimum number of participants – 2 

Total Duration – 10 days

Duration of the activity – 10 days

Season – October to April

Equipment provided – kayak, paddle, helmet, dry top, wet suit, live vest, boots, transport, lunch on Kayaking days (Full days), 2x Barbecues (first and last night)  

Equipment needed – towel, clothes, bathing suit  

Description of the activity On this course we will take you in the first days to our classics around Pucon for example to the Liucura river and the Trancura river. After that there are different river options – depending on the water levels and your skills. In this course we will help you to improve the different kayaking skills – edging and dipping, boofing, stomping, tucking and so on.

Description of the trip – The second and third day you will go kayaking all day long with your guide. We`ll take you to the different sections of the Liucura and Trancura river (depends on your level). The lunch on kayaking days is always included. For the next few days there are different river options. It depends on the water level and your skills to which rivers we will take you but there is a big variety.
In general we could reach every river around Pucón. If you would like to go to another river further away it`s no problem to organize that but then you would have to pay a bit more for fuel.

There are 3 different package-options 

1) Just kayaking days with us. You`ll organize your own accommodation.

    Price: 680.000 Pesos 

2) Kayaking Days with us and camping in Palguín

     Price: 720.000 Pesos 

3) Kayaking with us and sleep in one of the cabins in Palguín 

     Price: 950.000 Pesos 




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