Half day Family Float

Not ready to hit the rapids yet, not a problem! The river has a lot more to be enjoyed!

Location – Liucura River, middle section.

Difficulty – Easy

Age – 0 to 100

Fitness – None

Experience – None

Maximum Guide to Customer Ratio – 1:6

Total Duration – 3 hours

Duration of Activity – 2 hours

Season – September to April

Equipment Provided – Helmet, life vest, ducky, raft, wetsuit, shoes, transportation, and splash top

Equipment Needed – Towel, snack, warm non-cotton upper layer, bathing suit

$30.000 per person (Individual)

$25.000 per person (2 or more)

Description of the activity – A Short Family Float is a half day raft trip down a slow flat river. Because the river is class 1, any age go on the trip. It´s an ideal family activity for those who want to relax and spend a beautiful day together on the river.

Description of the trip – Begin your morning or afternoon at the Kayak Chile Shop where you will meet your guide. Once all the necessary equipment is double checked and loaded, ride in the transfer to the Liucura River. At the entrance,the guide explains what the trip will consist of and some safety measures

Once all is ready, the relaxation begins. The middle section of the Liucura river is famous for its particularly beautiful scenery and its ideal conditions for birdwatching. 

About half an hour into the trip, you reach the Carileufu Waterfall. A beautiful landmark of the union of the Liucura and Carhuello rivers. Here the family descends from the boat and walks a few hundred meters to the view. As you continue to advance down the river’s clear blue-green water, the family can relax and enjoy the scenery, and maybe have a swim in the cool riverbank. After aproximetely 2 hours the trip comes to an end. At the exit everybody changes in to warm dry clothes and gets back in the transfer to return to the Kayak Chile Store.

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