Kayak School

Hit your first rapids, learn basic techniques and develop skills. All in a full day around the beautiful rivers of Pucón.​​

Location – Lake Villarrica, Liucura river

Difficulty – Easy to hard, depending on experience

Age – 8+

Fitness – Some, in good health

Experience required – None

Maximum Guide to Customer Ratio – 1:2

Total Duration – 8 hours

Duration of Activity – 6 hours

Season – September to April

Equipment Provided – Helmet, life vest, dry top, boots, wet suit, kayak, paddle, lunch, transportation, spray skirt

Equipment Needed – Towel, warm non-cotton upper layer, bathing suit

$80.000 / person (Individual)

$65.000 / person (2 or more)

Description of the Activity – The full day kayak lesson is a customer focused, private, kayak lesson starting anywhere from the basics, to expert level kayaking. A typical kayak lesson starts in Villarrica lake, where you learn or work on the basics of kayaking. Come back to Kayak Chile for a full lunch of sandwiches, fruit, yogurt, chips, cookies, and juice included in the price. Head out to the Liucura river in the afternoon with your instructor to try out everything you learned in the morning on moving water. Every customer is given top grade, professional kayak equipment, and instruction from a certified instructor.

Description of the Trip – Start your trip off in the morning in the Kayak Chile Shop. There you are fitted properly in professional kayak equipment. From there you go to the lake in the Kayak Chile van with your instructor.

Upon arrival at the lake you learn how to correctly put on all the equipment and how the equipment works in the water with the kayak. Afterwards your guide issues safety instructions before proceeding into the beautiful bay in lake Villarrica with an incredible view of the volcano.

Once in the water you learn what what to do if the kayak flips over, how to signal for help, and then how to do a wet exit. After going over all of the safety measures you begin kayaking.

Customers start with paddling and steering, paddle across the bay, and then work on corrective paddle steering. On the other side of the bay one gains experience flipping the boat, and ejecting, while supervised and handled by your guide.

Drain your boat, learn the different methods of how to do so, get in and out of the kayak, and then learn the low brace turn while paddling near the shore.

Finally, one learns the eskimo roll. Watch your guide perform the eskimo roll and then he will stand next to you in the water. Your guide holds the boat and coaches you on how to do the roll and physically assists you if you are unable to roll back up. Afterwards, paddle around the bay, dealing with wind and waves, and then head back to the other side of the shore.

In the shop an entire lunch is waiting for you. Dry off and warm back up eating loaded sandwiches, fruits, yogurt, chips, cookies, and juice. After you’re well rested and fed, you are offered a new, warm and dry, kayak kit for that afternoon.

After lunch you do class 1-2 water in the middle section of the Liucura River. You receive another short safety talk from your guide that is specific for the river and kayaking. He then goes on to explain the characteristics of the river (what is an eddie, currents, etc.)

One practices breaking in and out of the currents and eddies along with all of the techniques learned that morning on the lake. If the customer is doing particularly well they work on ferries (going across the river, perpendicular to current). Continue down river, stopping, going, and receiving instruction while taking in the beautiful views of the Liucura River. These include sights of the volcano, and Andes, along with the river’s crystal clear waters from the glacial run off. Once finished, hop in the Kayak Chile van and go back to the shop to finish the lesson.

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