Fique em contato com a natureza em uma viagem de dois dias pelas regiões mais remotas do rio San Pedro.

Local – Rio San Pedro

Dificuldade – Médio

Idade – 8 – 70 anos 

Demanda Física – Ativo 

Experiência – Não necessita

Maxima Proporção de Guia por Clientes – 1:6

Temporada – Setembro à Abril

Duração total – Dois dias

Duração da atividade – Um dia e Meio

Equipamento incluído – Capacete, colete salva-vidas, bote de rafting, roupa de neoprene, sapatos de neoprene, casaco impermeável e transporte.

Equipamento não incluído – Toalha, lanche, camisa quente de material sintético e roupa de banho.


$150.000 per person

+ $25.000 Ducky

+ $50.000 Double Kayak

Description of the Activity – The overnight San Pedro trip is a fantastic, quick, one night trip, with exciting big water rapids. It’s an incredible opportunity to camp out in Southern Chile’s outdoors and go two days without any sign or sight of other human beings. All customers are provided with top of the line equipment, meals, and extravagant barbecue on a secluded, private, campsite, with supervision from certified guides.

Description of the Trip – The overnight San Pedro river trip is an exceptional trip because it is exclusively offered at Kayak Chile.

Start your trip at th Riñihue lake where you are given a safety briefing from the guides, instructions on how to operate the equipment, and directions on exactly how everything will proceed. You will help to make sure all of the equipment is loaded into all of the boats and eat a deli style lunch before entering the mouth of the San Pedro river.

One can see to the bottom of the Sand Pedro’s crystal clear waters because the large lake settles all sediment so that by the point the water reaches the river, there’s nothing floating in it. The river water looks turquoise blue at certain angles because it’s so clean. This is a classic Chile trip because you nearly go the whole way without a sign of other humans. The river is also a play boaters paradise. The river goes back and forth between tranquilly floating, and hitting class 2 rapids with tons of play waves. Just before reaching the camp site there are two exceptional play waves of moderate size. The first one of the two has a rock bank that’s perfect for spectators to watch as their friends all get to have a try at performing maneuvers on the play wave. There are also a number of whirlpools to play around in and even dive into.

Eventually the trip reaches a sand bank around a bend in the river, that’s completely private, and you’re almost guaranteed to see no one else while camping there. The sand bank is bordered by rock over hangs. The guides use these rock overhangs to build the fire against so that at night the rock reflects the heat back out to all of the campers.

Upon arrival at the campsite, you will set up tents, change clothes, start the fire, and explore the site a little bit. If one climbs out on the rocks generally you can find tarantulas roaming around. The camping experience includes an opportunity to gorge on an enormous spread of food provided by Kayak Chile. There’s a huge selection of various meats, vegetables, and drinks for dinner and to grill over the open fire. Hang out by the camp fire and swap stories and laugh about the experiences that took place earlier on the water.

The following morning, wake up to the sounds of different birds singing at sunrise. One may stoke the coals of the fire from the night before to warm up a bit before preparing the departure. Enjoy a nice breakfast of fruit, yogurt, and meats while packing up the equipment to head out on to the river.

Right in the beginning of hitting the river the next day there’s the largest rapid of the trip. A class 3 big water rapid that’s truly exceptional. Tackle massive five to six foot waves in this big water rapid, and right after it, there’s another one of similar immensity. After the two massive rapids there’s more class 2-3 rapids before settling down and pulling to the side of the bank to enjoy a nice deli style sandwich for lunch.

For the rest of the trip, paddle class 2 rapids with tons of play waves to surf, or float calmly amidst beautiful views of Southern Chile. At the end of the trip there’s a 70 foot bridge that one may jump off of if they have the courage! Finally you make it to the exit spot where you help to take out all of the boats and pack up all the equipment.

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